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Arjun Kapoor, Dia Mirza and others join the campaign by Bhumi Pednekar and share their #onewishfortheearth

Bhumi pednekar commences the #one wish for the earth campaign. She told and insisted on her comrades and friends to spread the awareness about how to conserve nature and for how to do sustainable conservation. Bhumi admitted to drawing inspiration from Dia’s consistent efforts for environmental action over the years, referring to when the UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador had begun boycotting plastic bottles years ago.

“I’ve been brought up with a lot of compassion and just general awareness since I was very little,” Bhumi shared, adding that what she missed out on in Mumbai she enjoyed heartily in her grandparents’ Jaipur farmhouse.


“My grandmother had hundreds of trees and everything was homegrown. I’ve spent a lot of time up close with nature. I realised how important it is to coexist with nature.” Dia mirza joined her on the video chat, and Dia to create the surrounding according to that maintained the outlook in that way in the clip, she says’ my one wish for the planet is that all human beings recognise how deeply connected our lives, our health, our well being, our peace, our progress and prosperity in with nature’.

“What I love about Bhumi is not only her craft but her humanity and the choices she makes to build environmental awareness. Along with being a wonderful artist, she is a relentless climate warrior,” said Dia. Her talks look like that she is very much sensitive towards her nature and she is so much into the character to improve the conditions on the earth, which are bad, so as to make them into god one. And on this, she mentioned, I am a climate warrior, are you ‘.and life on earth is very much not possible without the services of nature, and our nature is bleeding, we need to solve all the arduous algorithms and to sort out them to make a better move ahead.
She also thanked bhumi for this powerful campaign and helping more of us to become’#climate warriours!.

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