The current Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, has gone into self- isolation after feeling unwell. He has developed symptoms of throat pain and fever and is subjected to undergo the COVID-19 test on Tuesday 9th June 2020.

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The Chief minister had attended a cabinet meeting on June 7th. All his meetings and press conferences have been postponed. His Medical records show that he is diabetic, causing worry and stress among the citizens. Statistics show that people suffering from pre-existing medical issues like asthma, diabetes, chronic kidney diseases and heart diseases etc. are more vulnerable to become severely ill from coronavirus.

According to WHO, certain symptoms of coronavirus include fever, cough, shortness of breath and severe cases may also face pneumonia, multiple organ failure or even death. Current estimates of the time between infection and the onset of symptoms can range from 1-14 days.

A number of coronavirus cases in India have reached a high of over 2.5 lakhs. In Delhi, there are over 27,000 cases out of which over 10,000 people have recovered and have seen over 700 deaths. Arvind Kejriwal had recently announced that 10,000 beds in Delhi’s state-run hospitals would be reserved for residents of the city. They argued that the daily reports showcase an increase in the number of cases being reported every day in the city, thus, requiring more space for the Delhi residents. The number of cases is likely to double in the state in the next few weeks.

However, it is to be noted that the private hospitals in the state will be open to all. Delhi government has announced that it has opened its borders to all, allowing easy access to everyone from the neighbouring states. Previously, only people with passes and government officials were allowed.

Delhi currently has over 200 contaminated zones with the list adding new regions every day. The government has provided strict measures in these areas so as to prevent further cases and violation of isolation rules.

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