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Arvind Kejriwal undergoes Covid-19 test, report awaited

On Monday, The Aam Adami Party (AAP) spokesperson stated that Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has developed COVID-19 like symptoms viz. fever and has a sore throat since Sunday and may undergo a test for the COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The AAP spokesperson stated that Arvind Kejriwal has gone into self-isolated “He had consulted a doctor over the phone and plans to get himself tested tomorrow if symptoms don’t subside,” the spokesperson added.

The Delhi chief minister has a medical history of diabetes and cough. On Sunday, he had chaired a meeting of the state cabinet where key decisions, comprising of the opening of borders and confining treatment of patients in government and private hospitals were taken. The AAP national convener was last seen on Sunday evening during an online media briefing.

From last few days, Delhi is reporting more than 1,000 cases daily. The capital has reported 28,936 COVID-19 positive cases till now, out of which 10,999 patients, including many put on ventilators, have recovered. The total number of 17125 active cases has been recorded so far. Till now 812 persons have died due to Covid-19 in Delhi.

A cabinet minister in Uttarakhand and two ministers in the Maharashtra cabinet had tested positive for the disease earlier. Amongst the political leaders across the world, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson had tested positive for COVID-19 and afterwards recovered from COVID-19.

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