Ayushman Khurana calls his Instagram page as an “Advertisement”, shares aesthetic picture

Bollywood popular actor Ayushmann Khurrana recently posted a picture referring his Instagram page as an advertisement. He looks relaxed and seems to be smiling over something. His candid shot looks really cool and he looks just as handsome as ever.

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His recent Instagram posts have been promoting many companies and hence his remark on the Instagram page is an advertisement.

Ayushmann Khurrana is not only an actor but also an amazing singer along with being one of the most entertaining TV hosts. He is indeed a man of many talents. His movies are always on different ideas circling around the life of commoners and filled with comedy.

In his post, he captioned “ Today Monday looks like Sunday, my Insta page now looks like an advertisement”. As usual, his humour sense never ceases to amaze us. Whether add or not its always good to see his posts as it always fun to watch.

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