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BCCI sources confirmed that India’s tour of Australia is most likely to go ahead as scheduled

The treasurer Arun Dhumal has already said that India is now ready to quarantine for
14 days and that it is most probable for India to take up Australia tour between
December and January there India has to play four test match and three ODI that
can give a huge turn over to the Cricket Australia’s Finances. It has been said by the
higher officials that if the tour, however, stands cancelled due to any future reason
which is most likely the spread of coronavirus, the cricket Australia is said to lose a
the sum of 300 million dollars because of this . to make this happen it has been said that
according to the rules and regulations laid down in accordance with the COVID 19
pandemic, the people travelling to Australia are required to undergo isolation for a
a couple of weeks.BCCI could also postpone the tour due to the pandemic but now it
will be taking place.”

It has been further stated that if the T20 World Cup does not happen the tour will not
be broken into parts and will be continued with the test and T20I series.
It has also been expected that the cricket should resume in September and October
but the board is not yet ready to say anything over this in public until the lockdown is
lifted up and things open up somewhat.
Also the consideration of eco-friendly stadium and other such resources needed to
resume cricket is made a priority in the talk.

The treasurer at BCCI Arun Dhumal said that if any complications arise in the
resumption of cricket that is most likely to happen because of the pandemic and
otherwise, the things are ready to start again . he also stated the probability of
Australia tour to happen. “ as far as the fifth test goes when the cricket resumes,
whether any country would like to host another test that is additional or has two
such T20s instead, which is likely to generate more revenues”.

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