BIGG BOSS 14- Nikki Tamboli comes with a BOMB strategy for the task, says ‘Mere Ko Tip Top Dikhna hai…

In Bigg Boss 14 recently a new task was given to the contestants to fight for basic necessities. The name of the task was, “Lock Out” as read by one of the contestants Rubina.

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There were yellow tapes all over the house. Contestants were forbidden to access anything and the house got divided into two teams- the red team and blue team. The red team’s captain was Rubina Dilaik and the yellow team’s captain was Rahul Vaidya. Rule of the task was simple all of the contestants had to stay in the garden area.

If any contestant goes indoors then that team’s point will get deducted. The winning team will be given the power to purchase eatables from BB Mall. Nikki Tamboli betrays her own team by using the washroom. She lied to urgently use the washroom despite the fact that there team’s points will be deducted. She used washroom to apply her makeup and also used most of the units of the house.

Indirectly she was helping the opponent team with her unique strategy which benefitted Rubina’s team and then a lot of eatery items were brought inside the house and again Nikki went inside to have food which subsequently reduced the point of her own team. Several rules were being broken by her and Rubina’s team were getting the points. Do watch Bigg Boss 14 and enjoy this entertaining journey of the contestants.

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