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Bigg Boss 14- Rakhi Sawant in tears, calls being a captain a punishment…

The recent episodes of the show have been quite exciting and the contestants have been giving their best performances. Rakhi Sawant entered the show as a challenger and won hearts on the first day itself. She played and has been entertaining the audience since she has entered. She makes the environment happy in the house and hence the audience have been loving her.

Even the housemates loved Rakhi Sawant. However, she did have some fights with the contestants and used some unwanted words while she was in the game. Now, she has finally become the captain of the house. During the family week, people who had entered to meet their loved ones had voted for Rakhi Sawant and made her the captain. But it seems the captaincy is not going good for Rakhi Sawant.

In the latest promo, we see Rakhi Sawant getting angry after Eijaz Khan said that he was trying to explain to her the duties of a captain then she should have understood. She tells him why he has a problem only with her captaincy. Eijaz says that if she is not doing her duty then shouldn’t he tell her. Rakhi tells him that he cannot give her any order and she as a captain can give orders.

Aly Goni speaks on the camera and says that Rakhi Sawant is ‘ghatiya‘. Arshi Khan taunts Rakhi and says that they thought the captain would do better but Rakhi does not know anything. Rakhi is seen in her captain room and says that everyone is going to trouble her while she is the captain. Arshi Khan steals some clothes from the mall and Rakhi runs behind her to keep those things back. Rakhi orders Arshi to clean the bathroom and Arshi says that she will not do it.

In the bathroom area, Rakhi asks Eijaz if he will obey her orders or not. Eijaz Khan says that she can do anything she wants but he will not listen. Rakhi says that she will punish everyone if they don’t listen. Rahul Vaidya tells her that she is captain at her home and not here.

Eijaz shouts at Rakhi and says that he will not do anything and Rakhi’screams at him. Rahul Vaidya says that Rakhi Sawant is the worst captain in the history of Bigg Boss. He then tells Rakhi that she cannot become the captain now until he is there. Rakhi then breaks down and says that she made a mistake by becoming the captain.

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