Bigg Boss 14- Inspired by Rakhi Sawant’s pun Yashraj Mukhate comes up with a new track, WATCH VIDEO…

The man behind peppy videos like ‘Rasode Main Kaun Tha’ and Tumhari Feelings Tumhari’, Yashraj Mukhate is now out with another hilarious video of Rakhi Sawant, the contestant of Bigg Boss 14!

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Immense success post ‘Charsulli’, Yashraj has again released a video on Rakhi and wrote, ‘I just love the rhythm in which she (Rakhi) talksss..’. He composed this mashup featuring the fight between Rakhi Sawant and Arshi Khan and layered it with hilarious rhythms which would make you laugh out loud!

And in the recent episode of Monday, Salman Khan stunned everyone, including the viewers, by displaying Mukhate’s new video on Rakhi, in the sets of Bigg Boss. In the video, Rakhi is seen complaining to Bigg Boss about somebody throwing her water bottle into the swimming pool and it also exhibits the funny fight between Rakhi and Arshi. Hysterical phrases like ‘Yeh Saandhni Thi’ from the video clip has gone viral over the Internet. Mukhate also shared that within 10 minutes of its premiere in the Bigg Boss, his fans had started pinging him about it.

This video, like almost all other videos of Yashraj Mukhate, has successfully secured a popular position which would just boost up the man’s already heightened carrier!

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