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Chats in Aryan Khan’s mobile are only about football: Lawyer.

From Sunday, it has been quite a difficult situation for Sharukh Khan’s son, Aryan Khan. Involved in a drug case, the NCB had taken the actor’s son for interrogation and had put him in custody. 

Chats in Aryan Khan's mobile are only about football: Lawyer.

Aryan Khan’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde has been talking about the case quite openly. The NCB recently had taken to download the Whatsapp chats of the celebrity. The NCB has taken the celebrity and his drug dealer Achit Kumar into custody for quite some time. The lawyer told the court “How long does it take them to download the chats? The chats are about football, and football does not contain any drugs.”

Usually, the NCB heavily relies on the WhatsApp chats of the users, to unravel the drug cases. A total of 16 people were arrested for being involved in the cruise drug case. However, the NCB had asked for the extension of the custody. The court had denied the extension, and there will be a bail hearing tomorrow at 11 A.M.

Shahrukh Khan has yet to comment on the case. The other celebrities in Bollywood have constantly tried to extend their support to the Khan family.      

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