China warns the USA of countermeasures after the latter stiffens visa rules for Chinese journalists

Following the decision of the United States to tighten visa terms for Chinese journalists, on Monday, China warned that it will take countermeasures in response, and urgent the United States to correct its mistake.

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Beijing had expelled many American reporters and in response to the treatment, the US Homeland Security Department had new regulations given out. The new regulations sites that Chinese journalists have a maximum of 90 days stay and if willing to stay longer will have to request for an extension.

The decision was made by the United States on Friday. Zhao Lijian, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that China has rejected the decision made by the US. He said, “we are resolutely opposed and strongly dissatisfied with this, we require the US to immediately correct its mistake, or China will have no choice than to take countermeasures”.

Earlier this year in March, American journalists were expelled by China. Three wall street journal reporters were expelled after publishing and opinion were China was referred to as the “real sick man of Asia”.

In an annual report made by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC), it says that the Chinese authority was making use of visas as some sort of weapon against journalists from foreign countries. President Trump had also earlier threatened to impose fresh trade tariffs on Beijing. Before the decision of the US to have Chinese journalists renew their extension stay after 90 days, Chinese journalists usually had visas that lasted during the duration of their employment in the US. Zhao also added that by the decision of the US, they will be disruption in the relations between the two countries.

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