China’s Ambassador to Israel found dead in Tel Aviv home says Police officials

Du Wei, a Chinese ambassador to Israel has been found dead in his apartment north of Tel Aviv, said an official.

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The officials said that they have started the investigation, but they found nothing suspicious. They decided not to comment on the cause of death yet.

The 57-year old man is supposed to have died due to natural causes, in his sleep, according to initial indications by some unidentified medical officials.

According to the regular procedures, police units are at the scene.

He was appointed as the ambassador to Israel only recently in February. Du Wei, who has earlier served as the country’s ambassador to Ukraine, has now been as the diplomat to Israel.

He is married and has a son. His family is yet to join him in Israel.

He reached Israel on 15 February, had stayed home for 2 weeks, as part of self- isolation, due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

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He was reported to be living in the Tel Aviv area of Herzliya.

He was living in the Tel Aviv area of Herzliya.

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Following his appointment as the Chinese ambassador to Israel, Du Wei had published a message praising the relation between ‘the second-largest economy in the world, China and Israel, the start-up nation.

Also, recently, Mr Du said that China was being made the world’s scapegoat and wrongly being accused of spreading the pandemic, in an interview with an Israeli newspaper Makor Rishon.

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