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Complaint filed against comedian Vir Das for ‘insulting india’.

Actor-comedian Vir Das’s troubles are increasing with his recent video. He has been accused of allegedly making ‘anti-India comments‘ for which complaints have been lodged against him at Tilak Marg Police Station in New Delhi and Mumbai. The controversy has arisen over his video ‘I Come from Two Indias‘ in which the actor has been accused of using ‘derogatory language‘ against the country, which was part of an event in the United States.

Complaint filed against comedian Vir Das for 'insulting india'.

Advocate Ashutosh Dubey has filed a complaint against Veer in Mumbai. He spoke to Republic India on this matter on Wednesday, during which he said that “there was no word like rape in our Vedas and Puranas, it has come from the time of the Mughals.

The complainant wants to file a case of ‘sedition‘ against Vir Das.

The complainant further said that “How can Vir Das do such things outside the country. Did they have nothing to do except rape? He could represent India. He could talk about things like how girls are worshipped during Navratri, how goddesses are worshipped. But they only talked about rape.

Ashutosh Dubey further alleged that ‘comedians are promoting the word rape of Mughals‘. He said that ‘insulting India outside the country is punishable and sedition law should be imposed against Das‘. In the end, he said that ‘Veer has directly insulted the country, the women of the country and PM Narendra Modi of the country‘.

Bay said that he has sent his complaint to the Mumbai Police via email and will go ahead with his colleague and lodge an FIR. He also said that if the FIR is not registered, he will go straight to the court and file a petition and would like to register a case of ‘sedition‘ against Vir Das.

Significantly, in this six-minute long video, Das talks about the alleged ‘dual character‘ of the people in the country. He has addressed issues like rape, corona, farmers movement as well as action taken against comedians for his statements. However, more controversy arose over a statement in the video in which he says- “I come from an India where we worship women during the day and gang-rape them at night.

Meanwhile, the actor took to social media to clarify and said that ‘he did not intend to do India’s work’.

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