Controversial scene removed from ‘Bhavai’ says, Makers amid calls for film ban.

The makers of ‘Bhavai‘ have been in news quite a lot, the recent one being a change in the title from ‘Ravan Leela (Bhavai)’ to ‘Bhavai’. The Pratik Gandhi – Aindrita Ray starter received a cut on Monday, where they had to remove a sequence from the movie which received heavy criticism for being offensive and reiterated that the film does not hurt any ‘religious beliefs.

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Controversial scene removed from 'Bhavai' says, Makers amid calls for film ban.

The movie is set in the backdrop of Bhavai, a popular theatre form from Gujrat. This is not the first scene to be cut from the movie, in fact, the controversies started with the release of the trailer. The trailer showed Pratik Gandhi questioning the actor playing Ram on the treatment meted out to Raavan’s sister Surpanakha. A huge chunk of the population took offence to this scene which received a response from the official page of Pen Studios stating how the movie was a fictional story of two individuals working in a drama company. The makers have also made it clear that the movie does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings or religious beliefs and has also managed to pass the censor board with a ‘U‘ certificate.

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