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COVID-19: Spicejets nullifies the notice period of pilots who have resigned

While other carriers in India have taken serious measures during the pandemic.
Yesterday GoAir carriers stated to their employees about the top leadership will
be taking a50% cut from the pay. It has given the offer of leave without pay
scheme and now terminating contracts of expensive expatriate pilots.

MUMBAI: the SpiceJet airlines are low fair airline carrier is letting all their pilots
who had resigned earlier, to join the airlines in the desperate bid to cut costs in
coronavirus without serving a single day of their stipulated 12 months of notice
period. This was said by two people aware of the situation.

In the time being the carriers of India are waiting hopefully for a government
missive in regards to the suspension of operations of the airlines, after similar
decisions came for the suspension of the trains in the country this Sunday.
Through a letter to the employees, SpiceJet has said about the acceptance of the
resignations with a” reduced notice period” and according to it their last working
day will be Sunday.

SpiceJet was among the first few airlines that doubled the notice period of a pilot
resigning to 12 months.
airports have become India’s first line of defence in fighting against the pandemic
of COVID-19.

While the decisions are taking place, other Indian carriers have taken serious and
stern measures.GoAir yesterday told all the employees that its top leadership
would take a 50% cut from the pay cut. It has offered a leave without schemes of
pay to its the pilots working and will be terminating contracts of expensive
expatriate pilots.

IndiGo has announced a top-down of 5%-25% pay cut among its staff.
The Chairman of the SpiceJet airlines said optimistically acknowledging the
building pressure on Indian aviation looking at the sector’s potential,” I firmly
believe this is an opportunity for SpiceJet and for the government and aviation
ecosystem to create more efficient and viable structure for the growth that is
lying ahead of us”.

In the time being a thing that eventually started as Janta Curfew voluntarily, has
now been increased and turning into a state of massive lockdown and the
passenger trains being suspended. It has also urged the declaration of section
144 in several cities in the country.

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