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Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha gets trolled for not donating in PM relief funds ,answers back trollers with a fitting reply!

Sonakshi Sinha , The daughter of the legendary actor Shatrughan Sinha is a reputed actor in the Bollywood. She has been always famous for her bold attitude and much attractive approach towards feminism. She bears no crap of language and always reply to the media and her trollers with the most interesting and fitting replies. Be it a conference with media journalists or talk shows she walks like a lioness of the spot and speaks of her heart . Her audacious attitude makes her fans appreciate her in the male dominating industry.


Many of the celebrities are donating as much as they can in Narendra Modi’s relief fund . Since the country is going through a lot of health and economical crisis . Our respected prime minister has started a relief fund in which anyone can contribute their share for the people who are not able to get their basic needs fulfilled during this time of crisis. This fund will be directly donated to such people who were labours ,daily wage workers and people below or on poverty line.

The lethal coronavirus or we can say COVID-19 has created a critical situation in the nation. People are suffering from hunger issues ,health issues and the people who are below poverty line are not able to get a single meal for the day !
Therefore many of the celebrities have taken a step forward and have donated as much as they could!

The Holiday actor Akshay Kumar has made the biggest contribution till now by donating 25 crore in the relief fund . Her wife twinkle Khanna said that Akshay made such a big donation because he had suffered a lot in his life and was alone in his struggle , he has gone through the days where he wasn’t able to afford a single meal for a day therefore he never wanted to see people going to sleep with an empty stomach.

Owner of T-Series and producer Bhushan Kumar has donated 11 crores in the relief fund. Varun Dhawan has donated 30 lakhs and our laughter king Kapil Sharma has donated 50 lakhs in the relief fund .Actor and entertainment anchor Maniesh Paul has donated 20 lakhs in the relief Fund .


Sonakshi Sinha was being trolled for not donating anything in the relief fund . People made memes on her and trolled her for that . People trolled her and said that what is the use of such money when one can’t help the needy people in the time of crisis.
Sonakshi Sinha was quite for a long time and was listening to the trolls patiently but when the trolls didn’t stop she gave a fitting reply to her trollers that made them shut their mouths .

She on her twitter account tweeted:
Minute of silence for trolls who think that just because it wasn’t announced, contributions weren’t made. Kuch log actually follow karte hai! Ab shaant ho jao & use ur time 2 do some actual good (announcing or not is a personal preference) (sic),” followed by a smiling face emoji.

Our fierce and bold actress also said :Neki kar dariya Mein daal, suna toh hoga? (Do good and forget about it, must have heard about it?).”

People have always trolled sona for one or the other thing but our dear Sonakshi never got effected by trolls and media falsely accusing her of something. She walks like a lioness and talks like a unconquered queen of the B-Town.

She is not much a lover of showcasing her good d3eds which make her exceptionally unique and tells us about her anti materialistic approach towards life . She has made a donation in the relief fund but has not showcased that in her social handles and this is what tells us about her humble, humane and empathetic.
Hope all the people who are suffering from the current crisis are benefited with the relief fund and are helped by local masses with food and other basic amenities.

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