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Deepika Padukone posts a wellness guide on Mental Health amid Covid19, Check out here

In collaboration with the social media platform, the well-known actress Deepika Padukone posted a wellness guide program which is related to taking care of the mental health amid COVID 19. The motive of this programme is to launch nationwide awareness by the actor Deepika Padukone among several people. In June 2015, she started voicing her opinion on the importance of mental health through the NGO i.e. The Live Love Laugh Foundation whose aim is to reduce the stigma, spread awareness and change the way of the people towards the mental health.

In today’s era, where everybody is been home quarantined with their family member due to the global pandemic which has impacted the mental health of many people so, in regards to this, the actress has launched a programme on coping themselves from this infectious virus COVID 19. Through this initiative, Deepika tends to inspire the people dealing themselves through this difficult time, so that it won’t affect their health anymore.

Deepika Padukone says that for many people it was exceptionally unusual and also very difficult as everyone is going through a trauma related to the uncertainty about the future because of this only she decided to create a wellness programme in which she has mentioned the tips that how she is taking care of her mental health and nurturing herself amid COVID 19. Deepika also mentioned that it is very difficult for several people to cope up themselves during this period as it stimulates them because certain challenging issues arise among them such as uncertainty about the future and loss of livelihoods.

All the various challenging situations faced by the people during this tough time impacts their mental health which often leads to various stigmas due to which various people went into the depression and it ultimately worsens the situation, so to decrease such circumstances she decided to share few of the activities which Deepika has been doing over the past several weeks to nurture her mental health and also hope that her fans will find it quite useful which helps in taking care of their health.

The main motive of posting this wellness guide on mental health during this pandemic phase is to keep inspiring the people during this tough time. Due to COVID 19, several people are struggling with themselves to deal with this difficult situation, so she has implemented some tips which will be majorly focusing on wellness and mental health content. Through the social media platform, Deepika wants that majority of the people should come forward and connect with various health organisations to share their concerns and seek some guidance on the same.

Deepika Padukone along with the Long laugh live foundation founded by her emphasis on creating some tips for the people so that they won’t feel shy while sharing the obstacles through which they are going and seek some advice from various health professionals. She stated that the aim of creating this wellness programme is to support the mental well being of the people by implementing the mental health resources and focusing on encouraging the creators to create the inspiring and wellness related programmes for the people who are facing the challenges to deal with this tough time.

Primarily, she mentions to the people, that if anybody is facing any health issue so they should not hesitate in seeking advice from the health experts during this period of uncertainty. The platform of the Long live foundation is been designed to help several people where they can discuss their problem in-depth with the experts and seek their comprehensive advice for them or their loved ones and connect with professionals who comfort them that they are not alone at all.

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