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Deepika Padukone takes a dig at husband Ranveer Singh for ‘oversleeping’

Our Tamasha actor that is Deepika Padukone is now getting plenty of time to scroll through her social media account, interact with her fans and have fun.

Deepika is uploading a lot of pictures and stories to her account these days .

From uploading the pictures of a video chat with her friends to posting a picture of raw mangoes and showing love for them the actor is, therefore, informing her fans her routine in this lockdown through her social handles.

Wifey Deepika is also being seen trolling hubby Ranveer Singh by posting hilarious videos and pictures of him. Deepika is, therefore, entertaining her fans a lot these days.

Currently, our deepu has claimed that hubby Ranveer Singh has become really lazy and that he wakes up very late and also sleeps all day.

Well Deepika, it’s a lockdown people have nothing much to do so give your hubby as much sleeping time as he wants.
This couple is giving love and a couple of goals from the beginning of their relationship till now.

Hope their love will blossom more in this quarantine and they will keep the entertainment of their fans and engaged with their activities.

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