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Delhi Govt and Private hospitals will be reserved for residents of national capital only

Stuck between the rising cases of Covid-19 and the controversy of no availability of hospital beds for the virus stricken patients. Arvind Kejriwal hai limited the use of beds of some government and of some private hospitals only for the residents of our national capital.

The Announcement

The use of some government and private hospitals have been limited to the residents of Delhi. No patients from other regions even the borders won’t be entertained. But the central government hospitals would remain open to all.

The announcement has come between the controversy of Delhi hospitals turning away coronavirus patients, claiming the non-availability of beds while the app launched by the Arvind Kejriwal government, to check the availability of beds. The virus struck people were turned down Because of apparent “unavailability of beds” in the hospital.

Some private hospitals where the special surgeries take place will remain open to use for all the public like neurosurgery. Kejriwal mentioned that if people come to avail the facility of these special surgeries, the hospital shall remain open to them. The chief minister of The capital stated that the central government hospitals would remain open for the use of people of the country.

The borders of the cities around are supposed to be open from Monday

Arvind Kejriwal also announced that the Delhi borders, that were sealed amid the apprehensions that folks from other states will come to the town to avail “best health services”, would be opened from tomorrow (Monday).

In an address via a video conference, Arvind Kejriwal said, “Delhi has been always able to welcome the patients across the country. But at this point, Delhi itself is affected by a coronavirus. Delhi’s health infrastructure is required to tackle the coronavirus crisis at the instant .”

Because of the virus, the hands of the higher authorities are tied and the availability of medical use had to be stopped because of the sky-high rising bar of the virus transmitted among the people. But, as the economy has suffered so much in the last two months, the lockdown on major facilities is being taken down. The only way to keep yourself safe from the virus is, DO NOT STEP OUT OF THE HOUSE IF IT ISN’T VERY IMPORTANT. And if you do, do not forget to cover your nose and mouth with a face mask! This saves your and others life as well. Stay safe, stay protected.

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