Ever since the lockdown started and get extended there was always one question which arises for students which were for their exams.
Delhi University has declared that this time students of the second and fourth semester will not be appearing for exams because of this pandemic (COVID-19). Earlier there were discussions of giving exams through open-book examination (OBE) as an alternative mode by the University of Delhi in the view of covid-19.

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The notice has clearly stated that “In view of the prevailing situation of Covid-19 Pandemic, it is notified hereby to all concerned that the Intermediate semester/term/year students shall be graded with adopting alternative mode for the same as conducting examinations for Intermediate Semester/Term/Year students (second semester/term/ Ist year and fourth semester/term/IInd year students) in the conventional mode i.e. pen and paper is not feasible as per the existing government norms of maintaining social distancing and safety and health of the students.”

They have mentioned that this notice is only for 1st and 2nd-year students, final year students will be still appearing for the open book examination (OBE). As they have mentioned, holding a pen and paper is not feasible, they have come up with the alternative mode for marking students.

“Students of intermediate semester/term /year, the grading of the students could be composite of 50% marks on the basis of the pattern of internal evaluation/assignment based evaluation adopted by the university/colleges/ faculty/centre wherever applicable and the remaining 50% marks can be awarded on the basis of performance in previous semester/term/year only. For students of intermediate semester/term/year, having no previous performance i.e. having no marks in previous semester/term /year shall be graded on the basis of 100% assignment based evaluation.” Said Delhi University.

The notice has also included that ex-students of 1st year and ex-students of 2nd year of school of open learning (SOL) and Non-Collegiate Women’s Education Board(NCWEB) will appear for open book examination will be conducted as per the date sheet along with the final year students.

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