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Rakul Preet urges her fans to ‘Try to be Vegan’ this World Environment Day

Bollywood actress, Rakul Preet Singh took to her social media handles to promote veganism on World Environment Day. The actor joined hands with PETA (People For Ethical Treatment of Animals) India on this occasion.

Sharing a picture of her campaign, where she’s seen posing behind a stalk of broccoli, she wrote, “This #WorldEnvironmentDay join @PetaIndia and me in saving animals and the planet by eating vegan.”

Rakul Preet, who’s known for her work in both Tollywood and Bollywood took the conscious decision earlier this year to go completely vegan. She has made the switch to a healthier lifestyle since the last few years, maintaining her fitness and ensuring she eats healthy food.


“It’s really healthy and I’ve seen the kind of difference it has made in my life. First thing I have in the morning after half a litre of hot water is fenugreek seeds and black raisins that have been soaked overnight. After that I make my ghee coffee,” she said on a video she had
made earlier.

With a lot of buzzes and heat surrounding the brutal death of a mother Elephant along with the baby inside her womb in Kerala, a lot of Celebrities have spoken about it. Not only that, but the netizens also seem to have decided themselves into vegetarians and non-vegetarians, both sides justifying their viewpoints and calling each other out. The perfect example of human behaviour, unwanted yet perfect. Veganism is definitely a strong answer to the concerns of both sides.

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