Diljit Dosanjh hits back at Kangana after she passes comment on him…

Kangana Ranaut and Diljit Dosanjh war is now seems to be never ending, the war which was started with the beginning of farmers protest is now gaining another level of tweeter war.

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While Diljit Dosanjh was celebrating his new year in abroad taking a break from the protest which is now Asia’s largest protest Kangana Ranaut mocked him for celebrating the new year tweeting ‘This is a true local revolution’ which Diljit Dosanjh replied in a savage way “Enu Mai PR Lai Na Rakh Lava? Dimagh Chon Tan Jaanda Ni Mai edey ”. Which means “he should be hiring Kangana Ranaut as a PR…but he didn’t need Kangana Ranaut permission to go anywhere ”. An epic war of words addressing Ranaut in Punjabi is getting trend and 2072 retweet within just few hour of the tweet.

These savage tweets made by the Jatt motivating people to learn Punjabi.

Diljit Dosanjh can be seen as a clear winner in this word war and giving back to every tweet made by Kangana Ranaut in a very real way. This Punjabi singer never steps back when it comes to his responsibilities but bashing him for the new celebration will once again heat up the tweeter war between the two.

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