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Does Manisha Rani have “feelings” for Elvish Yadav?

The best love stories have always been given to Bigg Boss’s audience, and this is no exception. Since it premiered on television, Bigg Boss OTT 2 has been in the news. On the show’s 40th episode, things recently took an exciting turn. Falaq Naaz was eliminated from the show recently due to an unexpected turn of events. The love triangle in the house, however, is getting more exciting as the finale approaches and seems to reach new heights. As Manisha Rani recently admitted she had feelings for Elvish Yadav, the most recent episode seems to be hinting at the same thing. For the uninitiated, Abhishek Malhan recently confessed his love for Manisha.

Does Manisha Rani have "feelings" for Elvish Yadav?

A cupid romance is developing between two other contestants in the BB OTT 2 house following the developing chemistry between Falaq and Avinash Sachdev. In the most recent Bigg Boss OTT 2 episode, Manisha Rani and Elvish Yadav had a conversation. Elvish admitted to Manisha that he frequently enjoys her flirting but occasionally wonders if she harbours any more intense feelings for him. Manisha blushed in response and admitted that she really liked Elvish as a person and that she only flirted with him because she knew he wouldn’t flirt back. However, since Aashika looks after Elvish, he also asks the same question to her, upsetting Manisha.

Later, Abhishek Malhan was seen making fun of Manisha Rani by joking that the two had become romantically involved after she saw Elvish Yadav in a towel. Soon after, Manisha told Elvish how she felt and that she now knew she was in love with him. Elvish was also asked by Manisha if he shares the same sentiments. Elvish chuckled despite not responding. Manisha continued to talk about her feelings and said that even though she had come to terms with them, she wanted to wait a while before telling him. But Elvish questioned Manisha if she was being sincere or just kidding. Manisha claimed she was unaware of her growing feelings for him.

Elvish was asked by Manisha not to tell the other contestants about this because it might ruin their reputation. Later, during a heartfelt conversation between the two, Manisha once more said she was unsure of the origin of her feelings. She also mentioned how Aashika and Abhishek had noted her sincere feelings for Elvish.

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