Download “Diamond Singh Aam Aadmi” in HD from Sdmoviespoint

In the lead roles are Hari Vishnu, Awald Hossen Eshan, and Pradeep Singh in the 2023 Indian drama film Diamond Singh Aam Aadmi, which was directed by Harshwardhan. The plot of the movie is allegedly based on a conspiracy theory called “love jihad”, in which Muslim men seek out Hindu women to convert to Islam. Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam versions of the movie were released on June 30, 2023.

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Download "Diamond Singh Aam Aadmi" in HD from Sdmoviespoint

The estimated budget for Diamond Singh Aam Aadmi is approximately 15 crores, including promotion costs. This makes it one of the most expensive Hollywood, South Indian, and Bollywood films ever produced. The film’s massive production, which included building a huge set and hiring a sizable cast and crew is said to have resulted in an overspent budget.

Diamond Singh is a straightforward individual who resides in a small village. He has a good heart and a gentle soul, but he also has strength and determination. He is shocked to learn about the practice of “love jihad.” He sees it as a crime against women and a danger to Hindu society.

Diamond Singh seeks to reveal the truth about love jihad. He visits the victims of the practice in various locations throughout India. Additionally, he collects proof of the material and logistical support given to Muslim men who take part in love jihad. Diamond Singh finds a network of Muslim extremists who are in charge of organizing the practice of “love jihad” as a result of his investigation.

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