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Download Shrimad Rajchandra in HD from Tamilrockers

Gujarati film “Shrimad Rajchandra” will be released on November 15, 2021. Shridhar Kakade has used modern 3D animation visuals, while Dharam Bhatt has provided music. Amar Babaria and Subhav Kher narrate with impressive voices, while Prashant Mazumdar gives Surila Karnapriya Sur. The film is produced by Atmarth Productions and Bhakti Trust and directed by Bhairav ​​Kothari. It has taken 3 years to make this film.

Download Shrimad Rajchandra in HD from Tamilrockers

Gujarati, Hindi and English will be released in three languages ​​from November 15, 2021. The spiritual journey from “Lakshminandan” to “Shrimad Rajchandra” in childhood is woven in it. The film depicts 5 heartbreaking events of this great man. Millions of people have come under his influence from Mahatma Gandhiji and Shri Jamshed Ji Tata and some such occasions are included in this film. From childhood to adolescence, more than 200 special models of Srimad Ji were prepared and researched.

Bhairav ​​Kothari says, ‘The idea of ​​making a simple audio-visual film on the biography of Shrimad Rajchandraji was initially conceived to give a new perspective to the new generation. But as the enthusiasm grew over time, he decided to give it a grand appearance. It has taken two and a half lakh human hours and two lakh computer hours to bring this result, along with hundreds of challenges, “said Bhairav ​​Kothari.

Animation director Shridhar Kakade says, “It was a big challenge to recreate the construction model from the old paintings. We created more than 50 character models and more than 100 construction models.

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