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Download “THE MAD WOMEN’S BALL” Amazon Prime full movie in HD Tamilrockers

What does it call to be insane? What is the definition of sane? Directed by Mélanie Laurent, The mad women’s ball (originally Le Bal des Folles )is a french film releasing on Prime Video on 17th September. The film is going to explore such complex topics in its plot. As interpreted from the trailer, the film is set in Paris in 1885, it is about a lady who is unreasonably institutionalized at the infamous Salpêtrière Hospital, plots to elude with the assistance of one of its medical attendants. Every year a grand ball is organized at the asylum.

Download "THE MAD WOMEN'S BALL" Amazon Prime full movie in HD Tamilrockers

For the elite Parisian, the Frantic Women’s Ball is the highlight of the social season; for the ladies themselves, it is a symbol of hope. It is based on the prize-winning French bestseller’ Le Bal des Folles ‘ by Victoria Mas.

The movie is a treat to suspense and gothic genre lovers. The intense music is adding to its best.

The movie stars Mélanie Laurent, César Domboy and Lou de Laâge.

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