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Economical fashion: Sushmita Sen reveals that her miss world pageant gown was stitched by a tailor in Sarojini Nagar


The quote above accurately explains that if we want to achieve something big we must stay humble and never become haughty of what we are . If a person has talent and a true intention along with the dedication then no one can stop that person from achieving what he or she wants to achieve.
All these lines are flawlessly suitable for our beautiful and astute MS. SUSHMITIA SEN .


Sushmita Sen then belonged to a very humble middle class family. She along with her family lived in Delhi but her birth place was Hyderabad and hometown was kolkata respectively. She is the daughter of shubeer sen who was former indian air force wing commander. She was born on November 19 , 1975 and when she was 16 the idea of doing pageants striked to her . Since he belonged to an army based family it was difficult to make her parents agree to her idea , but later they agreed when they saw her talent.

When she was 18 years old she after doing a lot of pageants decided to go for MISS WORLD . For the pageants she required four brand new outfits for her ramp walk but her pocket didn’t allow her to get those dresses from the elite shops .
Her mother also told that they couldn’t afford the dresses and this shattered the actor . But her spirit was not completely deterred and she decided that she wont let anything effect her . She along with her mother went to Sarojini nagar that is a swap meet in Delhi. There they found a tailor who used to stitch day to day clothes and sarees . Both mother and daughter gave the tailor the cloth and instructed him to stitch him the way they want and also told him that the dress will come on t.v so he must be careful.

Sushmita was then not fully contended about the tailor who would stitch her dress but her mother told her the people of the miss world were not going to look at the dress but they will surely look at her and how she carries her self .
The tailor than made a beautiful gown for her as she wanted and her mother made gloves out of the socks and a rose out of the remaining fabric . Sushmita then wore that gown and walked the aisle of pageant with charm and confidence.

She made everyone spellbound with her answers to the asked questions and her performance in various other rounds of MISS WORLD.
She was then crowned with the title of MISS WORLD in 1994 and became the first indian women ever to win the competition. Sushmita then whenever was asked about her outfit for the MISS WORLD competition she would always reply that , The day I won MISS WORLD wearing that gown was a very big day for me. I realised that you don’t need money to get what you want; your intention should be right.”

The actor is an epitome for all who want to achieve big in their life but are pulled back because of their pocket. The former felt no shame in sharing her background and struggles on national television and she had always been down to earth because she still know her roots . She faced her hardships with strength and elegance and that made her achieve whatever she wanted.

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