Elon Musk and girlfriend Grim opts gender-neutral parenting, names their baby X Æ A-12

A newborn baby is welcomed by Tesla CEO. An announcement was made on Tuesday by singer Grimes and the Tesla Inc CEO Elon Musk about the birth of their first child. Grimes is a Canadian singer. They had planned to join a growing number of families opting for a gender-neutral parenting style.

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Their approach has become much popular as many parents reject gender stereotypes such as dressing in pink, and dressing boys in blue instead of these allowing children to decide by themselves.

“I don’t want to gender them in case that’s not how they feel in their life,” Ms Grimes is 32 years old her real name is Claire Boucher this was told to fans in a YouTube live which was streamed in February while discussing her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, she declined to reveal the sex of the baby, but the CEO Mr Musk tweeted on tweeter that they had a baby boy. They have named the baby X Æ A-12 Musk, Mr Musk said mother and baby were “all good”.

Singer Paloma Faith and Marvel actress Zeo Saldana are the two other parents who had revealed about their plan to raise their children in a gender-neutral environment. This trend has caused the brand of toy and clothing to come up with a new genderless product.

Last year gender neutral dolls were launched by Barbie maker Mattel and other apparel brands such as Zara and smaller fashion line. Recently Gypsy Sport started producing a collection of genderless clothing.

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