Karan Johar again shared a funny video of his kids calling ‘bathtub a useless thing’ in their series of videos ‘lockdownwiththejohars’

The star kids that is root and Yash are now back together again. Papa Karan johar recently has shared another video of his twins.

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Karan is spending all his time with her children and his mother. Karan has also started a series on Instagram of Roohi and Yash which is named as lockdown with the johar.

Every video he posts of his series are really a treat to the eyes. His little ones are soo cute that people on repeat watch his videos.

Every time his kids are up with something new which makes good content for his videos. It was quite a while and Karan didn’t share any video. His last video was when her little munchkins said that they are fed up and are going away packing their suitcase.

But now after a long time, the johar has posted a video on which the kids have shifted from closet to bathroom and are saying the bathing tub in their bathroom is quite useless and when they say that dada Karan johar laughs and totally agrees with the statement of Yash and Roohi and says it is actually useless because it hasn’t been used ever.

Various of Karan’s friends and family also along with his fans showered love for his kids below the video in the comment section.
Actor Apoorva said, good to have them back …. something to smile about.

While one of his fans said, awwwww we were missing the kiddos, thanks for posting this Karan.

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Well, we are sure Karan is having a gala time with his family. We keep on waiting for his videos that is lockdown with the johar’s and hope he soon posts more videos of his lovely little pies.

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