Elon musk and Grime change their new born’s name for the third time, check what is it now

A newborn baby has a very unique name, that everybody is confused “ what the pronunciation is”.

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X A + A-12 is the name of Elon‘s baby but now they have changed the name again because as the California law a name must have letters from the 26 letters of alphabets.

As to fit in the rule the couple once again change the name of baby boy “ X AE A-12 ( IN ROMAN LETTER) musk.

But still, the name is difficult to understand as people don’t know how to pronounce.

Grimes explains the name pronunciation to the fans on her twitter account

Explanation give by Grime is:-
X stand for = unknown variable
A+ stands for = my elven spelling of AI (artificial intelligence)
A-12 stands for = precursor to SR-17 (our favourite aircraft).

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After giving the complete explanation, fans are still confused.
Just to make it clear for fans couple says “short form of baby’s name is ‘little X’.

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