Ex-Pak PM Yousaf Raza Gilani denies the rape allegations by Cynthia Ritchie


The American lady named Cynthia d Ritchie, is a US-based blogger, a self-educated movie producer and professed to be a knight errant. Cynthia visited Pakistan in 2009 and was welcomed by Pm Yousaf Gilani and inside interior minister Rehman Malik to construct a strong picture of Pakistan. She tourist and showed the idealistic and splendid side of Pakistan to the word.

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She herself built up her vocation in approving and now she is dwelling in Pakistan. The 38-year-old Cynthia portrays her longing which drove her to Pakistan. The fondness and care appeared by the individuals of Pakistan carry her to tail. Being an online life planner of Pakistan ideological group Cynthia expresses that the Ex-Pm Yousaf Raza Gilani and previous Interior Minister Rehman Malik assaulted and ambushed her.

Ritchie’s turbulent claims of assault against Rehman has not incited the riposte of the interior minister. She additionally fought that the Health minister Makhdoom Shahabuddin of truly mistreating her.


Ex-Prime Minister Gilani has immediately dismissed the charge that he tormented Cynthia at Presidential castle of Islamabad. He included that it was a disgrace to admit to the announcements destroyed by Cynthia Ritchie. He later said that Cynthia ought to be embarrassed about herself for quieting and expressing these sort of claims and yanking the resistance rulers to the despicable statute.

Cynthia has frightfully jerked the centre of Pakistan ruler parties. She muttered that Rehman Malik assaulted her in 2011, in the wake of interlacing her beverage with the drug. This disreputable demonstration was performed when Pakistan is under the administration of Asif Ali Zardari. she can possibly battle against the uproar and had evidence of being attacked by the upper representative.

Cynthia herself drove live on Facebook on Friday, She upheld her allegations by conveying a point of interest verification of the occasions that go on the video.

She additionally purported other data as Call accounts, screen captures and instant messages which is sent by the opposite posse. By providing these facts she said, ” I’ll be happy to go on into more detail with a reasonable, nonpartisan and investigative journalist.”

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While Cynthia has not unveiled the data and proof yet, she guaranteed that she is before long going to uncover all the proof in possibly 14 days. Subsequent to filing a report against Nasir Rashid Baralvi, secretary data, PPP, in the UAE. She transferred a screen capture of her Whatsup discussion with Nasir. Cynthia twitter reports that she likewise affirmed that to hold griped to the US Embassy in 2011 yet the unpaid “fluid” condition and “complex” connection between the US and Pakistan, she stays silent.

In her recent interview, she claimed that threat calling is being used to coerce her and her location has been traced and her family members are also not safe out anywhere.

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The author and social activist Cynthia has also posted some parts of the book ” INDECENT CORRESPONDENCE: secret sex life of “Benazir Bhutto” on Twitter. She highlighted the private lives of Benazir Bhutto from the book, senior party ruler Sherry Rehman, current PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto and her son. Cynthia claimed that late Benazir guards rape women and contended accusations on the late ruler’s sex life.

She referenced that she has a lot of sludges on many individuals in the province.

For those in #PPP leadership who have reached out to her, she does wish to thank everyone for their supporting and demanding justice.
‘Strength’ is relative. She didn’t have the voice then that she has now. She was alone, powerless & basically under their control for a while.

She, a strong woman also means being wise. Sometimes that means waiting for adequate resources to act and help as many others along the way. She is ready for the court. All the documents, voice notes, filthy images and rape threats from PPP, the data scientists who’ve assisted in putting together this nexis of harassment.

She hopes PPP is ready for her suit.

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