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Faizal Siddiqui posts an explanation on his Instagram account regarding the controversy of his video

After posting the video on the social media site i.e. Tiktok related to the acid attacks on woman, the prince of team nawab i.e. famous Tiktok star Faizal Siddiqui forced the cybercrime to file a fir against him. Also, the video users are quite furious with his heinous act and want that legal actions should be taken against him for making such a shameful video in which he is encouraging the people to attack the girls with the acids who are rejecting the marriage proposals.

After landing into the trouble, the famous TikTok star Faizal Siddiqui edited the video and clarify that his intention was not to hurt the feelings of anyone. Hence, he also gives a justification that the girl in the video is a professional makeup artist and she has collaborated with him so many times in creating various types of videos. Moreover, Faizal Siddiqui also explained to his fan by writing on his Instagram account that the makeup of a girl is just a way of representing an artwork and in no way it is promoting an acid attack on the female.

So, Siddiqui also told to his fans that he has shared the full video a month ago but now he has edited the same video in which the people are assuming that he is supporting the acid attack activity. As the video got viral and when Faizal was been questioned on the same then he clarifies the doubts of his fans that it is just water. Also, Faizal mentioned that the part of the video which has been got trimmed shows that he was only drinking a glass of water.

In regards to this, Faizal Siddiqui told to his fans that he has not posted the whole video and display only the edited version of the same in which he has come in the controversial and everybody has mistaken him. Moreover, regarding that video due to which he has come into controversy, shows that he is only drinking water as per him and he clarified his fans that try to understand the same thing and also questioned them that,” who drinks the acid?”. So, he requested his fans to stop blaming him and he is not in favour of promoting the acid attack anymore.


In the video, his co-partner is a professional makeup artist whose name is Faby and every time whenever both of them shot the collaborated video, she similarly projects herself with the same style of makeup which has been shown in the video. So, representing herself is her way of showing her creativity and profession and not to promote acid attacks anymore. He also stated that making any sort of assumptions and misinterpretations of the video is out of the context which is not fair anymore.

Faizal Siddiqui also mentioned that the video was made and got lived a long time ago but he is not able to understand the reason of making a fuss about the video by the people who have seen it. For him, it is very disappointing and disturbing as people make unnecessary allegations on him which he has not expected and not in a mood to apologize to the people whose sentiments have been got hurt after watching the video. Earlier, the national commission for women asked TikTok to remove the video and instructed the Maharashtra police to take action against him as it is a serious concerned against women and also told the TikTok to block his ID. But, Siddiqui clarifies his fan followers on Instagram after realizing his mistake that being a social media influencer, his intentions were not to hurt anybody.

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