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Farah Khan’s daughter raised Rs 70000 by making sketches and used them to feed stray animals

Bollywood celebs are really trying their best to contribute for the welfare of people in every possible way.The coronavirus outbreak has surely united the film industry to fight against the disease.Many of the celebs like Shilpa Shetty,Kareena Kapoor ,Anushka Sharma etc are using the social media platform to promote and help people to stay at home. Bollywood filmmaker and choreographer Farah Khan recently revealed that her daughter raised Rs 70,000 by making sketches and used them to feed to stray animals.
Farah took to Twitter to share a glimpse of her daughter and said, “So my 12 yr old Anya has raised 70,000 rs in 5 days, by sketching ur pets for a 1000 rs a sketch.. All the money is being used to feed strays n needy .. thank u all the kind hearted people who hav ordered sketches n donated.””.Farah Khan had previously informed her fans about her daughters effort last week with a caption, “My daughter Anya has decided to sketch a pet, n sell it for rs.1000-/.. all proceeds will go towards feeding stray animals and homeless during this pandemic.. not much but she s only 12 yrs old…”

Farah Khan Kunder  is an Indian film director, film producer, actress, dancer and choreographer best known for her choreographic dance work in numerous Bollywood films.Recently ,Farah Khan was in news for giving bold statement against the celebrities who are posting their workout videos. She released a video on twitter ,Farah said she is making the clip in the “interest of public health and safety.”

“It’s my humble request from all the ‘celebrities’ and ‘stars’ that please stop making your workout videos and bombarding us with it. I can understand that you all are privileged and you don’t have any other worries in this global pandemic except for looking after your figures. But some of us, most of us have bigger concerns during this crisis,” Farah said.

All celebs are engaging themselves with creative tasks to have a great time at home and inspire people to do so.Hope people follow their words and don’t break any regulations.

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