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Films on OTT platforms only eligible for Oscar, next year

The Academy of motion picture arts and science will allow some movies released on streaming platforms and also to qualify the digital movies 2021 Oscars because of COVID-19 pandemic. It doesn’t mean that every film on every streaming platforms is eligible to be nominated as the best picture. The Governors Board had decided that the movie connected up on a streaming service must have a previously planned theoretical release.

However the qualifications are closer to the usual manner must meet to be eligible, only a list of requirements that typically include running for seven days theoretically in a commercial theatre in Los Angeles County.

The head of the Academy David Rubin and CEO Dawn Hud-Son said in a press release,” The Academy firmly believes this is no greater way to experience the magic of mobes than to see them in theatre.” Our commitment to that an in changed and unwavering. Nonetheless the historically tragic COVID-19 pandemic necessities this temporary exception to our awards eligibility rules”.

This is only a temporary solution for the Academy. But when the theatre opened, studios must release films into the theatre for at least seven days, then only it is eligible. That said, the Academy is expanding its number of qualifying theatres beyond Los Angeles to include New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami and Atlanta.

In earlier the Academy found itself in a war because of new entries like Netflix ‘over eligibility. The streamer started releasing some of its biggest awards contenders-including. The Irish man, Rome Marriage story, and the two Pope’s in theatre for a

period of time, running up to 21 days total in order to qualify certain movies like paramount pictures’ The love birds with Issa par and Kumail Nanjiani have already been sold to Netflix as the streamer 100ks for more content to keep subscribers happy.

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