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Find out what Raveena Tandon and Javed Akhtar has to say about re-opening of liquor shops

The shops of liquor have been re-opened leading a lot of chaos among the citizens of the country. People are speaking against the re-opening of the liquor shops in such a critical situation caused by a novel coronavirus.

All the liquor shops will be re-opened from May 4th in green and orange zones. The government receives the major part of its revenue from these liquor shops in the form of taxes.

The permission of opening these shops has also been granted in red zones and areas outside the hotspots.

The decision of opening these shops in such a pandemic is being criticized by many people. The rate of abuse can increase in this situation which will be difficult to handle as the police force, doctors and nurses are busy dealing with the quarantined patients which are the main issue in these days.

On this Javed Akhtar and Raveena Tandon has given their viewpoints.
As a Citizen of a democratic country, everyone is granted the right of freedom of speech and expression therefore they have shared their viewpoints publically.

Javed Akhtar quite consistently participates in every social discussion and is quite rigid about his viewpoints. he on his Twitter account wrote, Opening liquor shops during the lockdown will only bring disastrous results. In any case according to all the surveys nowadays domestic Violence has increased to a large extent .liquor will make these days even more dangerous for women and children.

On the other hand actor, Raveena Tandon placed her viewpoints on her Twitter account and wrote, Yaaay for paan/gutka shops! Excellent, the spitting starts again! Wonderful!
Since the revenue got dropped down to quite an extent and the economy of the country has been hit hard due to coronavirus the government had to open the liquor shops so that to prevent the loss.

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