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From Virushka, Ankita-Milind to DeepVeer, couples cherishes moments of love during quarantine

The quarantine has become a blessing in disguise for many . Our luminary celebrities who were to be snowed under the work 24 /7 are now in this quarantine period are spending as much time as possible with their valentines.
Our B-TOWN’S couples are now fancing every moment with each other.
Love is surely in the air !


Virat and Anushka are spending this quarantine period with the glory in their love .
Anushka from being a hairstylist to virat and cooking food for him is doing everything and creating cute little memories. Also anushka texted in virat’s live session of Instagram asking him to eat his dinner.
The two weren’t getting enough time before the lockdown but during it these two are leaving no time to not to spend enough time with one another. Also the picture of them playing a game was released on social media so this surely means apart from creating couple goals this couple is also creating family goals as well .


Our all time favorite deepveer that is deepika padukone and ranveer singh are making this quarantine magical for one another.
Their love story from the beginning has created a vibe among their fans . Every was curious about their wedding to their honeymoon as well !
The love birds in this quarantine period are enshrining each and every moment with one another.
This hot couple is working out together, cleaning their house together and are cooking together as well !
Currently ranveer’s insta story revealed that deepika was making a pizza for him and therefore ranveer called her as his “cheesy lover” .

Ankita and millind soman’s quarantined love

Ankita konwar and millind soman are said to be the hot couple of the fashion and Bollywood industry.
Their PDA on Instagram posts had caught everyone’s eyes everytime .
The couple is spending this quarantine period by sliding moments of merriment.
Ankita from cooking millind food and showing her culinary skills is working out with him as well .
Milling share a recent video in which ankita was seen sitting on millind’s back and the latter was seen doing push ups .
Also ankita and soman are keeping their insta fam updated about their personal lives constantly by posting on regular intervals. Also anikta also shared a picture of herself in which she was seen learning to play a guitar .
This hot couple has surely taken over the Instagram with their flaming posts !

Hope this quarantine period strengthens everyone’s bond and make it stronger than before . Even though the quarantined is surely to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but it is definitely a blessing in disguise for those who were always buried under the burden of work and were not able to spend time with their soulmates or family members.
Therefore instead of getting irritated in this lockdown we should focus on building string and healthy relationships with everyone who is around us just like our celebrities .
Our Bollywood stars are taking full advantage of this quarantine period by spending time with their homies and creating new memories .

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