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Gautam Gambhir calls Delhi’s CM Kejriwal,’Tughlaq’ Over handling of covid-19

BJP MP Gautam Gambhir calls Delhi’s CM Kejriwal Tughlaq over dealing with the covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Gautam Gambhir on Monday Slammed Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal for looking for ideas on opening hospitals for treating people with coronavirus throughout the nation and asking people whether or not the hospital within the nationwide capital be reserved for residents of

On Twitter, Gambhir termed Kejriwal as “Tughlaq “and stated that the Chief Minister needs to punish harmless folks dwelling throughout the border simply to cover his failure.

Gautam Gambhir tweeted,” just to hide your failure you want to punish innocent people merely because they live across the border? Those are Indians just like you and me !you promised of being ready for 30000 patients in April remember? why do you ask such a
the leading question now Mr Tuglaq?

Gambhir’s attack came after Kejriwal Tweeted on twitter seeking suggestions from people on reserving Delhi hospitals for the residents.

Addressing the people earlier, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced that the government decided to open barbershops and salons in the 5th phase of lockdown.

You also mentioned that an app having information about the availability of beds in Delhi shall be launched on Tuesday.

On this occasion, Kejriwal told that people across the country would come to the national capital for treatment if borders are opened.

He raised concerns about bed availability in the hospital. Thereafter, he asked the people to send their suggestions to the government on whether Hospital should be reserved only for Delhi residents.

They can either give a missed call on 1031 or send WhatsApp message on 8800007722.

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