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Happy Birthday Prabhas – 5 Times Baahubali actor aced his roles.

Uppalapati Venkata Suryanarayana Prabhas Raju, known as Prabhas, is an Indian actor who works predominantly in Telugu films turns 41 on October 23. Wishes have been pouring in for the Baahubali star from fans and celebs alike. The Actor who debuted in 2002 Eshwar, become widely known due to kind of fame Baahubali received worldwide, the fact remains the same, Prabhas was always a sweetheart of masses in Telugu film. If you started liking Prabhas after the success of Baahubali then we strongly recommend you watch these 5 films and you will love him more.

5 films that defined his impact in the industry

Prabhas had the opportunity to play an angry young man in his second film. He plays young hot-blooded youth who cannot tolerate the kind of injustice that society does every day. In the process, he even picks a fight with a local don, leading to the heartbreaking death of his lover.

Varsham was only his third film, but Prabhas already seemed adept at playing the lover-boy-next-door. In the film, he plays the role of a demolition expert who works in a quarry with a past that links him to a famous actress. The film allowed him to show variation from an unemployed happy-go-lucky man to someone who reels under a broken relationship.

The film that made him go from ‘Rebel Star’ to ‘Darling’, earning him his own moniker. Prabhas played the role of a youngster who lies through his teeth and weaves a beautiful love story he wishes he could turn into a reality with such élan, that the audience couldn’t help but fall for him.

After his parents are brutally murdered, Rishi is on a quest to find his parents’ killers. He finds that his own uncle, who has now disguised himself as Robert, is involved in the killings.

Radhe Shyam
Prabhas’ look as Vikramaditya from Radhe Shyam released a few days before his birthday and fans are already excited to know more about his character. The film directed by Radha Krishna Kumar and starring Pooja Hegde is touted to be a period drama that is set in Italy. While nothing much is known about his character from the film, fans sure have high expectations for this one.

Wishing Prabhas a Happy Birthday

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