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Happy Birthday Sayani Gupta, the actress says “Not doing anything special this year”

Actress Sayani Gupta is celebrating her 35th Birthday today. However, this year will be an important celebration due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

How different is going to be your birthday this year in lockdown? Tell us all about what you have planned.

I have no plans and I usually never make plans. I’m never excited about my birthday and I hate cutting cakes. I mean I like to get a cake from other people. Actually, since childhood, we never cut a cake, instead, we would have Payesh (a Bengali dessert based on rice) for birthdays and so, I never cut a cake in my life, except once in my life when I Was a small child. My second birthday cake was in college, so it’s no ritual or custom that I’m doing this now, it’s so weird. I will meet some friends today, maybe go out for a drive or stay home and eat some good food.


What is your earliest memory of your birthday? Can you tell us if there’s something special you continue to hold dear?

Sometimes my birthday is also with Durga Puja. There is a memory of my 4th birthday, told to me by my parents, it was also on Durga Ashtami and a birthday party at our house. There were many people from both sides, including my cousin. There were about 80 people at our house. So these cousins gangraped against me and put me under the bed with a knife in their hand. I don’t even know if it was a real knife or a butter knife, but they kept saying that if you come out of bed they will kill me. I remember it clearly because I was traumatized and I don’t think I ever had a birthday after that. And it was also the same birthday when my father was frying the loo in the kitchen and hot oil fell on his neck. He really screwed up, so it was a disaster. So I don’t think my parents ever gave me a birthday party after that.

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