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Haryana Government caps the rates of Covid-19 treatment in private hospitals

The Haryana government has decided to cap the charges of Covid-19 treatment at private hospitals. The state government now fixed the Covid-19 Rt-PCR test cost at ₹ 2,400, from ₹ 4,500 as in other Indian states taking in view the overcharging by private hospitals from Covid-19 patients claims the health ministry of the state.

However, the charges at the accredited hospitals are a little higher. As per the health department order, the non-accredited private hospitals cannot charge more than ₹ 8,000 per day cost for an isolation bed, including supportive care and oxygen and ₹ 10,000 per day cost for accredited hospitals.

An order issued by the Haryana Additional Chief Secretary, Rajiv Arora on Thursday that “the hospitals shall not in any case compromise on the standards of treatment of the covid-19 patient. The prescribed rates shall be all-inclusive as a package. The rates will include but not be limited to charges such as all lab investigations, radiological diagnostics, monitoring charges, drugs, consumables including PPE/masks/ gloves etc…,” states the order, also extends as “all covid beds shall be at fixed package rates subject to an upper limit of 60% of the total hospital bed capacity,” mentioned the order adding “non-adherence to these orders may invoke penalty under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code”.

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