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How Delhi Airports strategize to handle passengers of Vande Bharat Mission Flights

The first batch of entrants would be using the normal exit channels, aligning to the safety norms. The first flight is scheduled to arrive at Delhi on Friday around 11:30 a.m. from Singapore.

The aeroplane will first be placed away at a bay, and then they would be sent for medical screening. Then they will be transported to the terminal block through well defined, spacious pathways, following social distancing. The whole process will be done with the least possible wait time and minimum touchpoints. Then the people would be handed over to their respective State Governments who already made arrangements for transport and Quarantine facilities.

Vande Bharat Mission

With the lockdown relaxations, the Indian Government has decided to bring back Indians stuck in other countries. Air India along with its subsidiary Air India Express is scheduled to operate 64 flights to bring back Indians who have been stranded in other countries.
The flights are operated to 12 countries to bring 14,800 Indians who couldn’t return due to this pandemic.

The first ‘special ferry’ flights from New Delhi to Singapore, Cochin to Abu Dhabi and Kozhikode to Dubai. These are going to be the first flights of the 64, which is to happen from May 8-14.
The airlines have been prepared for the voyage and al the logistical aspects have been taken care of.

One of the world’s largest evacuation missions is all set to be carried out on this Thursday, w=by Air India and Air India Express.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) were released earlier on Tuesday, and accordingly, the pilots and crew were tested for COVID-19.

Earlier a similar kind of evacuation operation was done three decades ago, with the correspondence of Air India with Indian Airlines and Aeroloft before the first gulf war.
This is not the first time for India to take up such a mission. The airline has earlier carried out huge flight operations to China, Europe, and Japan to bring back Indians who were stranded. Most of them happened to be students and pilgrims. Also, the airline had repatriated foreigners to Israel, UK, Germany. Both airlines have also reached every hook and corner of the country to supply essential medical equipment in times of need.

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