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How much does Neha Kakkar charge for a song?

Neha Kakkar is considered the best female singer in India. Her songs are famous all around the world. And, she has become a favourite among many people due to her energizing voice and cute smile. She has worked so hard coming from a small town. Today her earnings are in lakhs and crores.

How much does Neha Kakkar charge for a song?

Neha has more than 40 million followers on social media. Neha has many songs in Bollywood movies. She is a self-made superstar. She is a millionaire today. This girl who made her dreams come true is popular all over the world today and is giving more and more hit songs. People are giving love to her songs without any limit. Her Net worth is currently more than all-female singers.

Neha’s net worth is about $5 million, which is about 36 crore in Indian currency. Neha Kakkar charges 25 lakhs for a song. Her annual income and salary are around 5 crores. And most of her net worth is donated to the orphanage. She earns lots of money even for hosting the shows. She earns 10 lakhs for every episode from Judging Indian idols. Neha’s net worth is increasing every year at the rate of 35%.

Her net worth has increased by 10 crores compared to the previous year. Apart from this, Neha also does live events for which 5 lakhs are charged for a show. Neha Kakkar has given more than 100 songs in Bollywood till now, which is a record in itself.


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