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Where is Swyamwar: Mikka Di Vohti happening?

Mikka Singh’s show is coming on a star Bharat named “Mikka di Vohti”. There are a lot of discussions about this show on social media. This show is all about finding the love of Mikka’s life. Ever since the announcement of this show, it has been in the headlines.

Where is Swyamwar: Mikka Di Vohti happening?

Mikka Singh recently visited Chandigarh and the shooting for his Swayamvar started. Recently another piece of news that caught the attention of the people was the news of some well-known and International set designers being approached to make the set of the show. Some names which have popped up are Emma Roach, Rick Carten, Es Devlin, and Lee Ha-jun.

However, the effects will be just heightened up big time, it’ll be the first time for any reality TV show to be this extravagant. If the reports are true. These designers’ work is to make them feel and look like the set is different from usual. These designers are known for putting great work into this.

This is going to be very exciting for the viewers as the makers of the show look promising and it will be very exciting to see Mikka Singh in a different light. Many television actors and Bollywood stars are expected to guest on the show and find Mikka Vohti. Mikka Singh has a lot of respect for the music industry and he is also very famous. These many years he has given super hit songs. His songs are “Mere aagal bagal hai”, Leela”, and ” Jaddu ki jhapi”. The show will soon be arriving on a star Bharat on the 19th of June.

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