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Hyatt Hospitality chain is going to appoint hygiene managers from September post lockdown

The luxury hospitality hotels like the Hyatt, Radisson, Hilton, Marriott, etc. are going to have a tough time after the lockdown.
The Hyatt has been the latest hospitality chain to announce global enhanced cleanliness, disinfection and sanitation program to ensure guest safety and peace of mind. The Hilton and Marriott have already announced their cleaning initiatives post lockdown, given the Coronavirus pandemic.

With the pandemic not ended yet, and without a cure to it, the world cannot revive to its normal lifestyle. This is not going to happen any near, experts say.
So, the hospitality sector is going to face a tough time after the lockdown ends on May 4, as per the earlier schedule.

“To survive and succeed in this sector, safety and hygiene are the most important factors”. The people would visit and choose hotels based on the hygiene certifications of the hotels, rather than user ratings and reviews of the hospitality; which was earlier the case.

And, the hotel chain declared that they’ll be taking utmost care in ensuring the safety and hygiene in the hotels at all places. Each outlet would be appointed a hygiene manager by September 2020. It said that the cleaning of all surfaces would be done with hospital-grade disinfectants. All the guestrooms and shared spaces like the dining hall, reception, and others would be cleaned even more frequently.

Also, people are more likely to carry personal protection goods like masks, gloves and not to mention sanitizers; so proper support will be provided in the supply and disposal of those goods too.

Food safety and hygiene for restaurants, room service, and events will also be implemented. Hand sanitizer stations will be placed too throughout the hotel’s area and at the entrance. Hyatt has been working with infectious disease and occupational health experts to develop the program.

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