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I said ‘I’ll miss you’ to Tax officials: Sonu Sood on tax raids.

The four-day raid in Sonu Sood’s residence has made quite the news in the past week while receiving mixed reactions from the fans. The actor took great care officials and made sure that the four days went by smoothly. The Income Tax Department revealed that Sonu along with his associates was involved in a 20 crore tax evasion and violation of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) while raising funds from abroad. Upon asking for feedback from the officials from the department they admitted that this was their best ever tax raid experience. The actor then jokes about how he would miss the officials which then earned a hearty laugh from both the parties.

I said 'I'll miss you' to Tax officials: Sonu Sood on tax raids.

Sood then revealed his plans for the remaining 17 crores, which will be used to build a charitable hospital in Hyderabad and talked about he had already spent 2 crores on the basic construction. He also added, ‘Any foundation that receives funds has a time limit of one year to use the funds. If the funds don’t get utilised, you can extend it to another year. These are the rules. I listed this foundation only a few months ago, close to the second wave of COVID. Otherwise, during the first wave, when I started helping the migrants, I had people stepping forward who offered to book buses for the migrants. We weren’t collecting money then. I started collecting funds (for my foundation) only in the last four-five months. As per rules, I have over seven months more to use these funds. I am not going to waste people’s hard-earned money and my hard-earned money.

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