ICMR Chief says, ‘Although the cases are rising, India is not in the community-transmission stage of Covid-19’

With the 286,579 confirmed cases in the country and 8102 number of deaths, ICMR chief says that even though the cases are rising rapidly in India, it is not a community-transmission stage of Covid-19. The mortality rate is just 0.59% which is the lowest in the whole world. They also mentioned that India has just 30 days window to stop the community transmission of the virus!

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As we all are aware that the cases of Covid-19 are increasingly alarming and the community transmission is inevitable. And the virus is spreading in a specific pattern, just like it did in Wuhan. “If we manage 30 days, if community transmission doesn’t happen in the next 30 days, we may be at a good wicket.” Community transmission happens when a patient who is not exposed to anyone known to be infected and has not travelled to countries in which the virus is circulating tests positive for infection.

Experts say that the disease has four stages were in stage one we get imported cases. In stage two the virus is transmitted in local areas. In stage three the virus transmission is a community spread and stage four becomes an Epidemic. While India is still in stage two, we still have 30 days to reach stage three where the situation gets worse and we totally lose control of it. Though the mortality rate is extremely low in the country, people will suffer to its extreme.

It is better now for us to finally start taking the precautions mentioned by WHO very seriously. Else, there is no stopping to the damage. As we see that Maharashtra has crossed the number of cases present in Wuhan now. We really have to take the situation seriously. Very seriously. Even though the lockdown has been lifted but we really need to keep remember that it is still a pandemic here. Only step out when it’s extremely important. The lockdown was lifted because people had no money and no food to feed themselves. Stay safe, stay at home.

Only you can keep yourself safe. If you see your friends/family stepping out unnecessarily please educate them and aware them about the stages and about the cases. If not important, stay at home.

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