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ICMR says, ‘Over 90 lakh Covid-19 tests done till July 1’

Indian Council of Medical Research is a government-run organization and is one of the oldest and largest biomedical research organization in the world founded in 1911. Its headquarters is in New Delhi.

The Coronavirus pandemic is one of the biggest and fast-spreading viruses in the world which has affected almost most of the countries in the world. As the virus started to spread in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a complete lockdown on 24th March 2020 so as to control the spread of the deadly virus. Slowly and gradually the virus kept on spreading so as the lockdown. After three stages of the lockdown, the government realized that the economy was hit hard and it needs to rise again, so unlock series was started. Meanwhile, the laboratories got permission to conduct the tests for Covid-19. Gradually the testing rate grew up so the virus and recovery rate as well. Recently, ICMR told that over 90 lakh tests have been conducted till July 1. That’s great news as the tests conducted and active cases ratio is very less.

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