IMD issues warning for heavy rainfall in Delhi on Saturday

Indian Meteorological Department has released a warning for heavy rainfall on July 4th. The Delhi – NCR region is now currently receiving rainfall after a continuous dry spell for a long time.

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“Gujarat will receive very heavy rainfall from July 04 and 05. Delhi will also receive rainfall on July 04”, said RK Jenamani, a senior scientist at the IMD.

Mumbai has also been receiving heavy rains that are now under strict monitoring as the city gets flooded during heavy rains.

Rains in the Delhi-NCR region can also cause problems for the people as most the areas can experience water logging etc. The rains also bring in flu-like diseases which can be a problem during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state is already accommodating a lot of people in hospitals and have requested everyone to stay safe at home.

In a recent nation wide address, PM Modi had urged everyone to take necessary precautions during this season.

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