Intruders threatened class 6 girls of rape and murder during an e-Class in Kolkata

On Tuesday morning, some intruders entered an ongoing online class of 6th standard. The intruders not only did disturb the ongoing class but also threatened the little girls to murder and rape them. The whole school, the kids and their parents are all traumatised.

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The school administration is probing the security breach, particularly if the password given out was shared with outsiders. Parents of students from other classes openly said that this hasn’t been the first incident but definitely the most serious one and school authorities should take strict actions against the ongoing schemes.

The sadder truth is no matter how much we advance as a society but Because of some people the whole society has to suffer and most importantly that these people don’t even realise what harm they are causing. There is no justice to the culprit. Even during these hard times, people aren’t learning lessons, they prefer going around committing all the crimes.
We feel extremely sad for the kids.

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