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JNU to review and finalize the mode of conducting exams given the lockdown

The Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi has said that it is in a view of finalizing the mode of examination in view of the lockdown due to Coronavirus.
In a statement, it said that a meeting was held on April 12 with all the Vice-Chancellors, Registrar, Chairpersons of special centers, deans of schools regarding this issue.
In the meeting, a decision was taken such that all these representatives would contact their respective faculty and discuss how to resolve this issue. They would come u with a set of recommended alternatives for the purpose, it said.

The deans and chairpersons were requested to submit their recommendations by 16 April, after their consultation with faculty.
After approval by competent authorities the final decision on Examinations would be taken, they said.
As the students at JNU are from different parts of the country, they need to be careful while declaring online classes cause there could be Internet connectivity issues in rural areas. They assured to remember that issue.

Earlier, two committees were set up to resolve the matter of completing the course and conducting exams of the Winter semester. For which, both of those have presented the idea of virtual learning and online examinations, canceling the summer vacation.
They suggested taking online examinations in this lockdown.
They also advised opting for Zoom or another platform, comfortable for both the student and teacher to continue with the completion of the syllabus for the semester.              
The viva-voce for the students who cleared the Entrance Examination should also be done through video conferencing, they proposed.

After the competent authorities approve the suggestions of the committee, they would be reported to the Academic Council.
These techniques are practically and academically not feasible, said the JNU Teacher’s Association.

Meanwhile, a workshop will be conducted to train the teachers in using the digital platform to deliver content in these tough times. This workshop will be on 18 and 19 March, according to M Jagadesh Kumar, the VC of its varsity. He also reminded of the importance of utilizing technology to continue the teaching process. 

The Past:

Amidst this National lockdown, all organizations, industries, companies, educational institutes are searching for ways to carry on their works, cause this lockdown will not continue forever; and if they stop their work, it does no good to them and others too.
To cope up with it, companies have asked to work from home, educational institutes have given into online teaching and assessment.

The time at which the outbreak occurred and the lockdown was imposed was at the end of the Academic and Financial years. 

Because of this, a few institutes were done with the process of Examination, some institutes started theirs and quite a lot were still stuck at completing the course contents.
As the lockdown has been extended again, several institutes are taking decisions on conducting online classes, asking their students to submit assignments to keep them engaged during this lockdown period.

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