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Virushka giving couple goals, actress post a cute selfie with husband says felt cute might delete later

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s pictures which carry a lot of their happy and loving moments have just taken over the Instagram and Twitter. The couple is taking a complete advantage of this quarantine period and are spending as much time as possible with each other.

Along with their couple posts this couple is spreading a wave of positivity among all the masses through the medium of their social media accounts.
They are posting videos and conveying a message among the masses that this time is not to fear for but this is the time which we have to face it by keeping the fear aside and by practicing social distancing and by maintaining a self hygiene as well to fight against the novel corona virus.

Our virushka is keeping their fans happy by updating their profiles of social media by posting pictures and videos at a regular interval.
This adorable couple has also supported Indian prime minister’s Mr. Narendra Modi’s #9baje9minute and also posted a picture in which anushka was seeing lighting diyas.
Anushka’s fun game turned on when she decided to become a hairstylist for hubby virat . Both of them posted a video in which it was seen that anushka was styling virat’s hair !
A few days back anushka shared a selfie of herself and virat , that had an Instagram filter on it and captioned it with, FELT CUTE MIGHT DELETE IT LATER.
Their fans are really going gaga over them and their pictures and videos are getting viral with the speed of light on every social media handle !

Anushka sharma’s activated wife mode was seen when virat and kevin pietersen were going live on Instagram and anushka sharma interrupted in between the live by texting in it “ CHALO CHALO DINNER TIME “ that left his dearest hubby laughing .
This couple is surely an ideal couple whose match was made in heaven. We can surely say that these two are soul mates and are inseparable. Their cute little moments Brings smile on everyone’s face.

The COVID-19 has created a situation which no one would have never thought of. People are really either suffering from this viral disease or are suffering from it’s effect on people’s financial problems. We should remember that we all are in it together and we have to fight it with unity. We should practice social distancing and obey the lockdown just as our prime minister and our favorite actors are telling us to do so.
We should maintain personal hygiene and see this lockdown as a blessing in disguise, as all were under the burden of their work before quarantine and now all are getting enough time to spend it with the loved ones.

Our Bollywood stars are surely making family and couple goals and are spending every moment with their homies . We should surely get inspired from them and cherish our moments with our loved ones.

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